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re:test kits- lovely reader meter made

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> From:     Schenck, Lyndle  
> Sent:    Thursday, July 25, 2002 11:01 AM
> To:    'Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com'
> Subject:    Test kits --Lovely Reader Meter Made
> There are several companies that market general purpose 
> "field" spectrophotometers and colorimeters.
> LaMotte has a "SMART Spectro" for around $1,600 plus 
> another $350 for essential extras and a "SMART Colorimeter" 
> for $900 plus another $285 for the extras.  Both use LaMotte 
> reagent kits that cost from $13.50 (high range Phosphate) to  
> $146 (Ozone) with around $30 for the mean.
> Both sets, of course, have far greater precision and accuracy 
> that even the most fanatical of us could possibly need.  
> However, If I won the lottery......
> I wonder if there would be a market for a much cheaper colorimeter 
> if the trade offs in precision, accuracy, etc were acceptable?
    Lyndle Schenck 

> >Hach makes a nice spectrophotometer for only about $4,000.00.  Start saving
> >your pennies now, or get chummy with a buddy in a local college or
> >university.  You can get nitrate accurate to the nearest tenth of a part
> >per million.  For those of you who want to pinch pennies, Hach makes
> >portable model for only around $2,000.00.  What are you waiting for?
> >Cheap!


Boy, and some people on the list get grief because they opt to spend $100 on 
a pH Controller for their CO2 system!!!!! hehehehehehe!

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