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Re: APD/Rambling but mostly about gouramis/dwarf gouramis

Referring to Aquatic plant Digest of the 25th of July, What makes you think
you have to be loyal to any store ?
It's like saying ''I would always go to a particular laundomat store, even
though I might be disappointed when I get there..The LFS store is good [ by
your words ] but either you or him must install quarantine policy, which
usually lasts  form 60 days to four months
Well, is just like that, here in Malta. We just can't stop it. But what
aquarium outlets have been doing, is getting rid as much of new stocks onto
the unsuspecting customer; before they show any definite look of illness.
I just go in and browse [ at every square mile] I have. Look out for
something unusual [which are usually horribly expensive, and start a
conversation with the shop owner.
Every week [unless something importunate has come.
Many a times have I some out of the meeting deflated. My time at the LESS
would have been better spent,Had I just gone to see what fish were in, and
in transit, feeding status, possibly of internal parasites, general
condition of the fish/general condition of the fish