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Re: Robbed?

I don't find the LFS robs me. I trade sell them plants, which I have too
much of anyway. I then either work a deal, or get credit/cash for the weeds
that I haul down there every 2 weeks. In the "deal" part, I supply them with
good plants for at or near cost pricing on a few items I need. I also get
fish etc for great prices.
These prices are much lower or at least at the mail order places and
certainly better than the the chain outfits.

Try and do this with a national chain. See if they will work a "deal" or
trade/give credit. Try and find someone who really is in this hobby for the
love of it..... like _you_.

You can work together with the LFS so that both benefit(win<=>win).
If you buy from a big chain, they win, you give them profit.
I think you are getting robbed when you could be patronizing the LFS and
selling/trading/getting product and livestock at a better deal. The health
of the livestock and brand choices are also better in most cases. At least
they give back by trading/buying the plants. Of course you sell the plants
at Society auctions, on line , friends etc but those folks get tied of same
plants month after month. It also gives you a chance to talk
with/teach/learn from each other unlike the checkout counter at PetyourPet
mega store. Lack of understanding in CO2 and plant tanks at the local level
is extremely common here and elsewhere.
If the LFS won't take the plants for trade cash etc then go elsewhere. But
most LFSs will work a deal with you.

Tom Barr