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Re: Cement Bricks @ Home Depot

Thanks Scott.  I live in the L.A. Basin.  Here the water is always hard
and alkaline. So me, my plants and I are used to that.   I just wasn't
sure if cement bricks might leach something toxic.  I guess the colored
cement bricks would NOT be safe to use.

Looks like it's time to experiment...



<From: "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com>
<Subject: Re: Cement Bricks @ Home Depot
< Ed <ed at pattravers_com> asked about using these in aquaria.
<If you're really talking about cement bricks, the portland cement
<within them will leach alkalies in to the water.  If you change water
<oftern enough, or if you like hard, alkaline water, then the bricks are

<for you.  Note that "cement ponds" aren't just something Granny
<Clampett found out back.  Cement is often used to make koi ponds and
<those fish don't seem to mind.

<If you have very acidic conditions, that will wear on the portland
<cement  -- just like the rain on New Jersey sidewalks.

<Scott H.