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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #234

Lew Newcomb is looking for SA suckermouth catfish suggestions. My favorite 
is the red-finned otto, Parotocinclus macaulicauda, if you can find it. This 
fish gets to be about 3-4" long, and is a hard worker in the tank. Regular 
otocinclus do a great job, but in a larger tank the red-fins just look 
better. There are other suckermouths which stay under 6" - ancistrus sp (the 
bristlenose/bushynose) and peckoltia sp both stay about 6" or under - but 
IMO these are not great fish for planted tanks because in their moving 
around the tank they tend to uproot plants, which is really, really 
annoying. The fabulous looking zebra plec, Hypancistrus zebra, also stays 
small, but it is not an algae eater & also tends to be pretty shy - nothing 
like spending big buck for a fish you'll never see.

Hypoptoma, and also Microlepidogaster, are also good fish for the planted 
tank, but like otos they stay pretty small - 2".

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