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Re: Test kits --Lovely Reader Meter Made -- Seeing (with an electro-spectrophotometer) is believing

Greger Lindstrand:
> I wish there were digital electrical any kindamashinethingy to do the
> testing with. At least a "PH-meter" for FE and NO3.

Me too!  That would be convenient!

They don't directly read the substance in question, but you can get
machines that accurately read the test colors for you.  Unfortunately,
spectrophotometers are pricey.  Hach wants about 4 grand but the
LaMotte is less than half that at $1500 or so -- "well, if I had a
second tank it might be worth it." ;-)  

I don't think Pinpoint has come out with a low-price substitute 
yet.  :-(

Caveat Empty:  40 C-notes for a spectrophotometer is not entirely
necessary for healthy plant propagation.

Tom B., maybe you had better bring some fungus to the convention -- if
I lost a few thumbs, I might be able to type better -- apparently I
have too many of them.  :-\r

Scott H.

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