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Re:Good and evil

> Evil Tom

I don't think you are evil nor wrong. You prefer a different test kit, you
have your reasons and find a kit that works for you.

Having tested the Lamott with a wide range of KNOWN standards, I can say it
does the job well. But there's bound to be something cheaper etc out there.
I have not tested every kit etc, nor an I going to unless paid to do it:)
I could even argue with a number of set ups, one does not even need a NO3
test kit, if ever. The range can be hit with water changes and a general
notion of NO3 uptake rates/day.

I am in no way associated with the radical zealotry of "Green Finger".
Although I have implemented a brown finger here and there (see my most
recent tank's iconoclastic display), I am in the  liberal group "Green
Thumb" which does have a strong agenda in preserving nature, promoting of
plant and gardening issues to the public at large.

Tom Barr