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Plant suggestions?

Hello all, want to ask the list for some suggestions for some plants.
Shortly I need to move my 35g heavily planted acrylic tank so I'll be
tearing it completely apart (oh joy!).  When I do, I intend on removing
all of the rotala indica I have in it as I am sick of the stuff.  In my
tank it grows so fast that I am continually having to prune it and I've
been too lazy to replant the toppings so I have some pretty amazing root
webs, heh.

Anyhow, I have several female guppies in my tank that are cranking out
babies left and right.  The one nice thing about the rotala indica is it
gives the babies a good place to hide till I get a chance to net and move
them to a separate tank.  I am looking for some good plant suggestions
that are decent growers but don't require the pruning of rotala indica
and don't require the toppings to be replanted.

Right now, I have some crypts, some GIANT Ozelot swords, glossostigma, and
a red sword plant I received off the list.  

In particular, I need something that grows well enough to suck up some
nutrients while being able to simply prune the tops off of it and let the
base keep growing.  I have some algae in my tank, but it isn't a huge
problem (other than some green jello like stuff that grows in balls and
refuses to die!  Even survived a 7day blackout that wiped out some of my
more delicate plants).

So, what do all the experts on this list suggest? :)  I am currently
running at 2.7W/g, CO2 injection, eheim canister filter with underwater
spraybar for the return, flourite substrate.


Robert Chady
Chippewa Falls, WI (Soon to be Cadott, WI)