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SA Catfish suggestion

I am interested in adding a sucker-mouth catfish to my under-populated
40-long.  My requirements are that it fit into my South American Only
Flora/Fauna scheme, that it grow no larger than, say, 6 inches, and that it
not much on my vascular plants.  There is some benthic green algae, and a
little bit of driftwood for it.  Also, I'd be willing to add algae "wafers"
as a food source if it wants.  Could I go with the Farlowella - or will they
munch my plants?

The archives seem to indicate that Farlowella might put holes in my Amazon
Sword plants, and possibly that they are demanding and delicate - any
experience there?  An old APD post suggested members of the genus
"Hypoptoma" (maybe they mean "Hypoptopoma").  What about this?   I currently
have 4 panda corys.
Thanks -

Lew Newcomb,
SE Lower Michigan