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Re: Misinformation

>>I think my posts speak okay. Most of them offer useful advice,
information or observation. And yes, the occasional strongly-worded
viewpoint opposing the conventional wisdom. Sometimes that's what it

Opposing conventional wisdom is a daily occurence on this list. Making cheap
shots, inviting personal attacks and showing paranoid behavior seems to be
exclusively you. Your abrasive attitude shows up repeatedly and is getting
boring. But at least you have found US out. Yes Tom, we are all in
segragated cliques that have united together to conspire against you. We are
a secret society called Green Finger. Tom Barr is the grand leader, and is
really bald as a cue ball with a pet green cat that feeds on varigated
Anubias and coughs up algae balls. James Purchase is his midget side kick.
Let me be the first to give the the GREEN FINGER.

Robert Paul Austin Hudson