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Re: protein skimmers and plant tanks

Hey gang....

Thanks Dave and Daniel for the reply. I peeled that
post off before I thought to look in the archives.
Checking the archives produces a new question:

I read this post and wondered if anyone had followed
up on this. I couldn't find it in the archives.

To: Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com 
Subject: Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer as a CO2 reactor? 
From: rjw at aluxs_att.com (Ronald Wozniak) 
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 96 13:26:21 EDT 


Has anyone tried the Visi-Jet Protein Skimmer as a CO2

I was in a pet store the other day and looked at the
protein skimmer. It looks like with very little
modification, one can use it as decent CO2 reactor. 
The unit come with a Visi-Jet power head with water
intake filter built into a ~2 inch diameter 10-12 inch
long tube.  The tube has a water exit out the bottom. 
An airline tube (CO2?) can be attached to the top
venturi power head cap.  The top "collection
receptacle" can be replaced with a cap, since one
would want that in a CO2 reactor.

What I like about it is that the powerhead has a flow
control knob and a water flow rate meter.  From the
design, it looks like the power head would create a
lot of turbulence for good CO2 water mixing. Since I
haven't tried it yet, I don't if the water flow rate
can be adjusted low enough so that the CO2 bubbles
don't get blown out the bottom.  I suspect that it
will work, since in it intended application air
bubbles are ejected into the tube-skimmer.

The unit cost about $30 mail order, so I was hoping
someone else had tried before and knows whether it
will work.


What do you think? Could this work?

John Wheeler

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