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feline obsession

*laugh* sorry about the subject ... just thought it sounded funny, given the
subject of my question!

Is it possible to use cattails and/or pussy willows in an aquarium?

I know cattails grow like crazy in swap-ish ares all around here in
Michigan, and I've seen pussy willows thriving in ground that floods

I think the cattails could be messy because of their 'seed pod' thing, will
the plant mind me cutting it off all the time to keep it from developing ...

Also, around here cattails are only active 6 months or so and frozen the
other half ... will they stay active all the time given the warm water and
regular lighting of an aquarium setting?

What kind of substrate do you think these plants would like?  I'm going to
be redoing a 30 long (which has ugf and ugly blue-green gravel) with beach
sand layered on-top of a sand/kitty liter mixture and nixing the ugf.

What do y'all think?