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Fascinated with Anubias

hi all,

As a break from fighting the Algae wars, and since I don't have a LaMotte 
test kit, I thought I'd post this one. I am finding that the plants which I 
am liking best are anubias (I got 220W and compresed gas CO2 for this?) They 
grow well, don't melt like crypts, don't need to be hacked back every week, 
and they don't put out those annoying little stem roots that Ludwigia and 
others do.

I have A. barteri, A barteri nana, A. barteri coffeefolia, A barteri "red 
stem", and A. frazeri.

Can anybody recommend sources (or want to send some cuttings ;-)) for more 


Leaving for Chicago this afternoon, and then heading to Boston on Amtrak on 
Thursday. I hope.

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