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50-gallon community planted aquarium

I aplogize for interupting your list.  I've "listened" in for many years now
but never posted anything. Unfortunately, due to changes in my life, I am
having difficulty taking care of my planted aquarium (see below) now.  I
though it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone was interested, especially if you
are near the Front Range in Colorado. Email me directly (aparker at vcn_com)
and I can send pictures and my location, etc.  Otherwise just ignore the
post :)

Planted Community Aquarium FOR SALE

50 Gallon aquarium (36x18x19) with:

- established plants (including old, huge healthy java ferns)
- glass top with two double flourescent lights (4 tubes total)
- reverse undergravel filter (slow circulation) and power filter (Emperor
- small gravel substrate
- CO2 system (tank, regulator, and needle valve)
- VERY healthy community fish - pristella & black neon tetras, 2 cory
  cats, 2 kuhlii loaches, 1 ansistrus catfish, 1 clown pleco, 1 whiptail
  catfish, 1 black/silver angelfish, 1 clown loach
- heater
- 2 automatic fish feeders
- maintenance equipment (Python clean and fill), filter media, food, nets,

 It is a great tank setup worth over $700. It is a low maintenance planted
tank, which grows certain kinds of plants wonderfully.  With a few changes
(substrate, etc) you could modify it into any kind of planted tank you like.
I'm willing to sell cheap to someone who will take care of it and enjoy it.

 aparker at vcn_com