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lighting and mirrors for a Macquarium

Hello all,

I'm new to the list and new to "heavily" planted aquariums.  I'm an
old-school aquarist who still has an undergravel filter sitting
underneath her gravel as an artifact (I can't remove it because of the
plants on top of it).  It'll be dug up one day by a dive team of
archaeologists and used to dissect the habits of the 1980s aquarist
causing endless debate in the trade journals.

But I digress...

I've finished gutting the shell of my dual-floppy Mac SE, and I'm about
to get the glass to piece together my Macquarium.  As I near the end of
the project and begin to excitedly plan my little 1.5 gallon aquarium, I
have a few questions I hoped y'all would know the answer to:

1) It is such a tiny space but I desperately want plants.  Plants add
such beauty to a tank.  Does anyone know about a decent tiny lighting
source which would make plants happy and also fit into the shell of an
old Mac?

2) I wanted to line the two sides of the tank with mirrors to make the
space look bigger than it actually is.  I was thinking of putting maybe
four neon tetras and maybe two very small bottom feeders into the tank
to keep it clean.  Does anyone know if mirrors freak fish out? (well...
other than the obvious "betta" answer *wink*)

3) I made the tank larger than the original spec so I would have more
water volume, so I have no room for a filter that hangs from the back.
Does anyone know of a decent small filter that would sit outside the
tank?  Or does a tank this size need a filter?  I've never had such a
small tank.

Thank you so much,