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RE: Ready to GO

Jack wrote
My 75 gal tank is set up and ready to go. I've got injected co2, dupla
heating cables, 2 watts per gallon,ehiem pro II filter,p.h. controller,r.o.
water,laterrite substate, my question is? when I start my co2 injecting how
many bubbles a second should I start with? My tank will also be heavily
planted, should I start dosing with p.m.d.d. right away? Cant tell you any
vitals as of yet  because I'm wating for my test kits to arrive.Thank You
- ------Jack
It will take some time to get the right setting. You have Laterite
substrate? Need to know exactly what the substrate is composed of as
laterite is an additive. Depending on your substrate your ph level might be
somewhat buffered for the first month. I would start at 2 bubbles per second
and set the controller at 6.7. If you find that your ph is staying higher
than 7.2 then increase the co2. if your controller is shutting off the co2
more than once a day then decrease the co2. Go to " the krib" and read the
info on dosing. Definately start dosing on day one or two. Just Start Small
and work your way up.