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CO2 reactor for very small aquariums

There has been talk here about the different sorts of reactors and homemade
devices available out there. It is my pleasure to announce a whole new kind
of reactor for small aquariums. And for those of you who think this sounds
like an ad...I guess you are right!

The Vortex Power Jet Reactor is only 4" X 4" with a motor/pump attached that
creates a vortex-whirlpool jet stream that dissolves the CO2 completely thru
a sponge media before sending the enriched water out into the aquarium. It
is extremely effective, as effective as any larger power reactor, and small
enough to use in a five gallon aquarium. It has a built in bubble counter
and a high quality suction cup.

It can be used just as effectively with a yeast system as with a pressurized
gas system, from five gallons to thirty gallons. You can read more about it
here: http://www.aquabotanic.com/vortexreactor.html  I have my hard hat on
for any comments, so fire away!

Robert Paul Hudson