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R/O Brands

Hi Jack,
I cannot give you a definitive "this is good and this is not" list, but there 
are several R/O brands that have been around for a long time. My personal 
experience is with the units manufactured for/by Kent Marine. Used one for 
several years with good results. Another brand I wouldn't hesitate to buy is 
SpectraPure. They have been around for years, and I have never heard anything 
negative about them.

I would also buy a unit from SeaChem. They are relatively new on the R/O 
scene, I believe, but I'd buy one just because of my respect for the company 
and the products and support they give the planted aquarium hobby. I have no 
doubt it would be first rate.

Just my opinion, but R/O products seem to me to be rather generic in a lot of 
ways, meaning if you are comparing R/O membrane types to similar, 
deionization options, pre and post filters. There doesn't seem to be a great 
deal of difference between them  as long as you are comparing the same 
components.  I think a lot of R/O units are manufacturered for the seller and 
have their name on them. Anyone please correct me if I am mistaken here.

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