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avoiding unintended releases of plants

I think everyone can agree that releasing our aquatic pets into local
waters is a terrible idea (like the idiot who released snakeheads in
Maryland).  And the same goes for our aquatic plants, which are rarely
native to our particular home area.  How to avoid releasing fish is easy:
don?t do it.  Sell or give them away or euthanize them if you must.  But
how do you keep from releasing plants into local waters?  Obviously, most
of us wouldn?t take a swordplant and plant it in a local pond, but what
about the smaller plants like duckweed, or small floating plants that can
regenerate from a few leaves and a bit of stem?  How do you keep those from
getting out into the local water supply?

I try to strain out the larger plant bits, but should I be treating the
water that comes out of the tank as well as that going  into the tank?

Diane Brown