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Re: LaMotte Test Kits or - LaMotte LaMakes LaMess

Schenck, Lyndle doesn't like LaMotte's cost saving features.

Indeed LaMotte has changed some of it's kits a bit.  It had something
about this posted on it's website some months ago.  It's forsaken the
black, live-hinged boxes for blue, two-piece boxes -- supposedly
standardizing across kits to reduce costs.   Not only are the packages
cheaper, but the labor cost of putting things in them is probably
slightly lower than it would be with the older style of packaging.
If I'm paying $60 for a kit, I probalby would have paid $65 for one
packaged inthe black box.  I guess LaMotte is betting that some people
wouldn't and didn't want to lose that more cost-conscious market.

I like the slightly larger, boxes with the live hinge, too.  It's a bit
tidier using the larger, better organized boxes.

If you bought a black box kit recently, it might be an older kit -- I
think they are putting them all in the little blue boxes now.  If you
have a black box, hang on to it.  If you buy a new kit, you'll might
want to trade boxes.

Scott H.

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