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Need a syringe? Take the plunge-----||||

For those of you that haven't talked your MD or DO into writing you a
'script for a hypodermic syringe for dosing your tanks, don't give up

If you check around at electronics parts stores, you'll find items
called flus dispensers.  These are (sometimes just bottles but often)
syringes with fine metal tips (not truly needles but who needles them
anyway?).  They often aren't graduated, but you can measure out a dose
once and calibrate/graduate yourself -- plenty close enough for aquatic
purposes. They usually go for just a couple bucks -- knock yourself out
and stock up.

Some of them come in specific sizes like 3, 6, or 10ccs.

Here's one site:


Here's another:


Hint:  Don't get the air-operated syringes unless you are ready to
really automate your TMG dosing   ;-)

Did I have a boring weekend or what?
Scott H

PS. On rare occassions, hobby/craft stores will have empty
"needle-tipped" glue syringes for delicate gluing (is there any other
kind ;-) ?)

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