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Surface algae

Here's the tank parameters:
77 gallon
240 watts NO flourescent light.
DIY CO2 (it's producing enough according to my readings.
Fluval 404 with outtake 3" below water line.
pH: 7.0 (7.6 out of tap)
KH: 6
Ammonia: 0
NitrIte: 0
NitrAte: 5
Substrate: 3" profile
Temp: 28C
Fertilizer is with Jobes, root tabs + iron and 3ml PMDD daily.
Plants include ambulia, tiger lotus, crypt balansae, Alternanthera reineckii, 4 leaf clover plant?, dwarf sag, E tennelus (not doing well), wisteria, jungle val, hydrocotyle leucocephala, and anubias.
All the plants are doing very well with exception of the E tennelus. There is a little algae on the glass and some BBA on the hydrocotyle and older val leaves. The part I don't like is the very thick film of algae growing on the surface of the water. I'm siphoning it off every second day and within two days it's completely back. It also gets bubbles of BRIGHT green algae in it (I think from the CO2 bubbles).
Still no pearling, but the plants are growing at a phenomenal rate.
Is there any way to get rid of the algae or am I stuck with it for awhile?


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