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Hi Everyone,

	Hopefully everyone is having a great Wednesday. Hey, I've been
collecting chemicals for PMDD. The first trace mix I bought had copper and I
figured I'd try to find one without copper since it's so bad for the fish. I
found a product at Lowes called Ironite. It contains Urea as the nitrogen
source. I found a post that stated urea is a form of ammonia. I also found a
post from someone that they added urea to a planted tank and the plants grew
simular to adding nitrate. I assume if it's in low enough concentration the
plants would suck it up and your biofilter would consume the rest before
your fish bit the bullet. Anyone have any ideas? 

Also this "Ironite" gets it's iron from pyrite and iron sulfate. Anyone know
if this is bad? I know this is how Acid Mine Runoff is formed so I guess
it'd perc out pretty quickly. No mention of it being chelated.