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daily water changes & fertilizer...

This may seem a silly question...  I have moved recently and didn't do
water changes for about three weeks.  At the moment I have only two
tanks, a 20G and a 10G (until we find the right spot for a shiny new
150G bowfront!!").  But I digress...
My existing tanks are fine although one has a fair amount of what I
believe is usually called beard or brush algae on an anubia and
driftwood.  That has been there for a long time since before we moved,
and I seem to be having a devil of a time getting rid of it.  But I
digress again...  Since I neglected water changes for so long and the
water did seem a bit dirty, I have decided to do several water changes
this week.  Last night I added the usual weekly amount of TMG but am
wondering when changing water more frequently, can I just calculate the
amount of TMG to add by dividing the usual amount by 7 and multiplying
by the number of days since the last water change?