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Re: african characins

sorry for the late reply, but in my experience congo tetras are not always so peaceful.  actually, they are very peaceful but fish that are small enough and look like a snack, i.e., pencilfish, got attacked and bitten by mine.

the red-eye tetra (Arnoldichthys) is another one of my favorite.  however, they tend to be territorial with each other and can be rather nasty to each other.  

tsuh yang CHEN in nyc

dave wrote:

One thing I always liked about these two species of fish is that although 
  their appearance might make you think they would be aggressive, with their 
  teeth and decent adult size, mine were peaceful as the day is long. They 
  never bothered any other fish in my tank, not even Amano Shrimp or the 
  smallest South American Tetra or Cory cat. They chased each other sometimes, 
  but never  hurt each other.