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Re: clown loaches

Eventually, if the tank decor doesn't undergo major changes, and you don't
move them from that tank, your clown loaches should come out of hiding
more.  It may take a few months!  And they seem to go back to square one
of this process with new people they meet.
   Clowns are very good at hiding in little nooks.  Try feeding them some
sinking tablet food in the same part of the tank every day, and sitting
very still a few feet away from the tank at feeding time to watch them.
Perhaps at first sit across the room to watch them, and then gradually
move closer.  After a couple of years, mine still dash behind the plants
and peek out if I'm moving around quickly or noisily(vacuuming, etc.) or
if a new unfamiliar person is there.  If I'm sitting still, they come
bustling out from their hiding places.
   Also, having a couple of "caves" seems to help them feel more secure as
do dither fishes.  I added half a dozen rasbora borapatensis to my tank
and it helped me see more of all my other fish.

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