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plants for sale/trade

hello all.  i am planning to greatly simplify and streamline my aquarium
layout for a more zen less oh my god it's coming to get me feel. to that end
i'm getting rid of a lot of the stuff currently growing in my tank and i was
i might recoup at least some of the original cost.
i know its a bit boorish to ask people on the list
to actually pay for plants when there's so much
good trading to be done but i thought i'd drop a 
line here first and avoid wasting some time on ebay/aquabid if possible. i've
ambulia - at least a dozen stems
alternathera reineckii - a big mess of that
crypt wendtii green (sort of) about a dozen 
crypt spiralis  - about a dozen
anubias barteri  - one
java fern - really big clump
lysimachia nummularia aurea - dozen or so stems
lots of:
hemianthus micranthemoides
hydrocotyle leucocephala
and also bits of various other things like marsilea, hygrophila difformis,
some kind of hairgrass... i think that's about it

all in all a pretty hefty starter for a 55gal or something. let me know. i'm
also interested in trading for some plain old sagittaria - the kind that gets
to about 12 in