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Rare plants for [Redacted]

Well Folks, I am back after a long hiatus and neglect of my plant duties.  
Honeymooned in Grenada and found some cool algae eater / killie looking fish 
in the rain forest -- stupid camera didn't work though!

Plant growth while I was gone was amazing, and all my tanks are algae free 
still -- I must admit that I am now a big proponent of the "less is more" 
style of fertilization.  I used to have huge problems with green spot/dust 
algae and have virtually had none since I began cutting down on my macro 

Anyhow, I just trashed a TON of excess growth in my 60G tank and Cavan 
reminded me that some of my plants that I tossed might be desirable [Redacted].  So, I am putting out a feeler to see if 
anyone is interested in the following:

-Rotala nanjenshan (used by Amano and rare in US)
-Rotala rotundifolia 'green' -- like R. indica but stays green!
-Gratiola specs. -- same as used by Jeff Kropp and other members of the West 
Coast Plant Mafia.
-Hottonia spec.
-Lobelia cardinalis - true dwarf form

Like I said, I just did a big hack and tossed much of the plant material, 
but it will bounce back in a few weeks as I get my tanks ready for the AGA 

Feel free to reply to me via email as my following of the list is quite 
spotty.  Most likely I will be auctioning the plants off on Aquabid [Redacted]

Also, Wayne Wah of Singapore sent me many moons ago some of the famous 
"mini-Riccia" [Redacted], complete with the stainless 
steel screens used by our Asian plant folks to create nice lawn effects.  
The riccia was in bad shape after a screw up by the post office, but I think 
I might be able to finally auction it off in a few more weeks - along with 
the screens.  I am going to first verify that the riccia I have is the mini 
kind and not the regular stuff.


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