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Portland Oregon Plant Tank Talk

Hi all,

The Greater Portland Aquarium Society's meeting on July 23rd is about 
planted tanks. The talk, presented by Julie Zeppieri and David Brooks, will 
be a "how to" demonstration, and probably aimed more at beginners than 
advanced plant people. In a nutshell, David and Julie plan to set up a 
couple of planted tanks right there in front of the group, discussing what 
they are doing and why as they go along. One tank will be low-tech (Julie's 
specialty) and one will be higher tech (David is in charge of this one). 
They will talk about the basic stuff: lighting, substrate and additives, 
CO2, and the fish and plants that go into a plant tank. There will be ample 
time for questions, as well as a raffle and a general auction. For more info 
see www.gpas.org.

(It figures that I'd be out of town for this one - not only a talk on 
planted tanks, but also the catfish & loaches bowl show, my favorite fishes. 


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