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re: African Characin

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Subject: african characin 
From: "Alexander Johannes Suhendra" <<A HREF="mailto:lepedz at bdg_centrin.net.id";>lepedz at bdg_centrin.net.id</A>> 
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 16:43:29 +0700 hi all,can anyone tell me how to keep 
african characin, and how the tank set-up should be ?i'm interested in 
keeping those african fishes, specially the congo tetra and the red eyed 
characin, thanks,Alexander Johannes Suhendra

I have kept both the Congo and Red Eye Tetras in the same conditions as South 
American Tetras without a problem. I maintain a temp of 75-78 degrees 
farenheit with a GH and KH of about 4. Mine seemed to thrive on regular flake 
food with occaisional frozen tossed in as a treat. 

The coloration of the Congo is hard to beat, particularly under natural 
sunlight or metal halide lighting. The males are beautiful, but the female 
Congos are rather drab.

One thing I always liked about these two species of fish is that although 
their appearance might make you think they would be aggressive, with their 
teeth and decent adult size, mine were peaceful as the day is long. They 
never bothered any other fish in my tank, not even Amano Shrimp or the 
smallest South American Tetra or Cory cat. They chased each other sometimes, 
but never  hurt each other.

Good choice for a planted tank, IMO. 

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