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Re: CA Deregulation

Robert said, in part:

     "Bill must have had stock in Enron!  Since the Enron scandal, evidence 
been produced that shows Enron did price manipulate the market to
California, gouging the cost of energy to California.  . . . "

I never had stock in Enron.  I wish I had, about four years ago.  I'might now 
have a nice nest egg, like a lot of ordinary ex-Enron employees have, the 
ones who got out before the bubble burst.  We don't hear much about them.

". . . . Its real easy for people outside of CA to critisize the state. It is 
such a convaluted complicated process most people in California dont 
understand it, nor even do the politicians for that matter. "

That was the main point I was trying to make - that in the final analysis the 
crisis in CA was caused by a flawed structure put in place by the elected 
representatives of the people, who as a group tend to vote for big governemnt 
solutions, at least at the state and national level. Pogo was right.

     "What I do understand is that before I left California, I was paying 
$300 a month for my electric bill. for a 1 bedroom apartment."

Awful!  But maybe the next time this come up, and it will, you and others 
will be better informed and push for an approach that keeps the state 
governent out of the process to the greatest extent possible.  Then it will 
work better, like it does in other states.

Good luck!