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Re: CA Electric Deregulation - Tom's Comment

>>In the final analysis, the people of CA are responsible for electing as
representatives people who are beholden to  an outmoded, leftist philosophy.
Not Enron, nor George Bush, the free enterprise system, or the trilaterists.
As Pogo once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us".  <<

Bill must have had stock in Enron!  Since the Enron scandal, evidence has
been produced that shows Enron did price manipulate the market to
California, gouging the cost of energy to California. And not just CA. Enron
actually owned other state/regional utilities such as Pacific Electric in
Oregon. PE raised their prices to their consumers in Oregon blaming
California for taking away their resources by having to export energy to CA.
So Enron was making money from raised rates in Oregon and then again for
selling it to California from Oregon. Its real easy for people outside of CA
to critisize the state. It is such a convaluted complicated process most
people in California dont understand it, nor even do the politicians for
that matter. What I do understand is that before I left California, I was
paying $300 a month for my electric bill. for a 1 bedroom apartment.