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The Snakehead in MD

This situation really annoys me.  Yet again, we are faced with another
man-made fish invasion threatening an ecosystem (this time, in MD).   Yet
again, a dumb bleeding heart aquarist decides to "mercifully" release an
exotic fish he doesn't want into new ecosystem.  It is reproducing and is
on the verge of causing havok.   According to the reports we'er hearing the
fish is very carnivorous and survives out of water for 3 days.   It's no
walking catfish, but it's bad enough.   Though the typical MSNBC crap about
the fish being "flesh-eating" is a classic example of over-hype, the fish
is still a potentially serious problem.  

Does anyone know the fishes' native distribution?  Is it a temperate or
subtropical fish?  If it is a tropical species this may well be all over
come Fall.  Here in Florida, they dynamite stretches of water from time to
time checking the percentages of natives vs. introduced species that float
up.  Curious to know why don't the Maryland authorities just wire and nuke
the whole pond with dynamite and be done with the problem?  

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