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Re: New Tank - Jack Now 10-gallon tank setup


Much to my wife's chagrin, I bought, and setup a 10-gallon tank in addition
to my 29-gallon. I wanted the small tank for growing/ propagating specific
plants and wanted to keep my 29 as a nice landscape tank in the living room.
I sieved some gravel and put that in the tank with Plexiglas strips
separating areas in the tank. The top layer is sand that collected from a
local State Park (freshwater). I am using a one-gallon glass jug for my DIY
co2 and have a very useful bubble counter made from an IV drip line (thanks
to Dr Athale, Baroda, India). The IV bubble counter works great and even has
a check valve in the line. I plan to also use this as a bubble counter on my
29-gallon. I may be able to get some more IV setups if anyone is interested.
Contact me off list and I will send you some digi-picts of the 10-gallon
tank and bubble counter. The lighting above my ten gallon consists of two
light strips I received from a lighting guy. One strip has two 10-watt
halogen bulbs (one might be 5-watt, don't remember), the other strip has six
xenon bulbs with varying finished; frosted, clear, white, and different bulb
reflectors. Not sure if the xenon bulbs do anything or not for the plants. I
don't know much about them. So I can't easily tell you what the watt/ gallon
is or what percentage of the light is useful. The plants do perl though.

Detailing a pediatrics entrance for contractor pricing.