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Re: New Tank - Jack

Like the recent posts have said, it isn't that important for you to
introduce bacteria to get a jump start on colonization in a PLANTED tank. If
your new tank will be predominantly fish, then yes, buying bacteria, or
using gravel wash from someone else's tank will speed the cycling along. If
you tank is going to be planted and have some fish then it may never cycle.
You might spend money on the bacteria, only to starve it, because your
plants are sucking up all the available NH3/NH4. I'm just learning this
stuff too, so you should wait for some other posts. I just started a
10-gallon tank about 4 weeks ago with glosso, hair grass, riccia, crypts,
micro-sword and 9-baby neon tetras. Water has been crystal clear the entire
time. I do have high output lighting, co2, and add fert. No sign of the tank
cycling. My 29-gallon is a different story!


What CO 2 set up are you using on the 10 gallon and how many watts of 
lighting? I just set up DIY CO 2 on my ten gallon. I have about 2.6 watts 
over it. Right now, I have Vals, some Rotala Macrondra, Java Ferns, E. 
Tennellus and Het Dubia in it. I plan to add a small school of Rummynose 
Rasboras. I just moved from Atlanta, Ga to Salt Lake City and the water here 
is considerably harder.


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