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Thought I'd pass these on


	Thought I'd pass these on:

I read an article where some lady cuts off the bottom of panty hose to use a
media bags. Sounded like a good idea to me so I was about to raid my
girlfriend's sock drawer when: I was at a department store suffering while
my girlfriend shopped for shoes and noticed a box of "Sox". These "Sox"
(also called "Pegs") are for women to put on their feet while they try on
shoes. They are made out of nylon, look just like pantyhose, and are the
perfect size for a media bag. Plus they're free. =) I grabbed a handful and
ran for the car.

I've read many articles about people trying to build reflectors for their
lights and trying to use aluminum foil. Everyone complained that any creases
would act as a diffuser. I'd suggest chrome vinyl. It's shiny on one side
and sticky on the other and it's flexible. Sign makers use it and you can
pick it up for $35.00 for 15" X 30 feet. If you want to reflect your hood or
whatever this would be an easy way to do it. You'd probably get a crazy
effect using it on the back of a tank. Here's a link to a supply house: