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vacation and fertilizing

I am going on a 3 week vacation in September and I have two heavily
planted tanks which are currently in balance, well-fertilized,
well-CO2'ed, and moderately populated with smallish fish.

The last 2 times I left for this extended period of time, I came home
to green water and I strongly suspect this was due to a nitrate and/or
ammonia deficiency (N deficiency).  These last 2 times, I did nothing to
the tanks during my absence - noone fed the fish, noone did anything. 
Not the best idea.

I am going to get an Eheim fertilizer doser this time (I think) and an
automatic fish feeder.  So, this time, there will be daily fish feeding
of dry food and some kind of regular plant fertilizing with TMG.

Question:  Should I add nitrate (KNO3) to the TMG solution in the
doser?  Will it keep for 3 weeks and is this a good or a bad idea?  I
could add PO4 as well, which, in my situation is necessary twice/week (I
normally do weekly 30% water changes).

Tom, others, what do you think?  What's your best vacation tank

Roxanne Bittman