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Re: lotus? maculata? zenkeri?

>Lotus is not a correct name, just a street name.
>Zenkeri and Maculata are
>both species of Nymphaea and are both sold as Red
>Tiger Lotus. 

The Tropica site lists the plant as Nymphaea lotus
(zenkeri).  I believe it used to just say zenkeri. 
Doesn't the Baensch Atlas also give this name?  

How do you tell the difference between zenkeri and
maculata?  I'm assuming that zenkeri is the usual
mottled red or green one.  

>Lotus is a different genus, and a very
>large pond lily like plant.

Right.  I'm just saying that lotus has been used as a
species name for a Nymphaea species.  

Thanks, Cavan

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