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RE: Tank haze - use of UV sterilizer

Thanks for all you have been patient on this thread. No3 has been at zero.
Tested water 4-days ago and ph was at 7.0 and KH 6. What I didn't know was
that the ph was on the rise because my co2 was running out. Added PMDD did
50% water change. Haze didn't increase (so that's a big plus) but perling
nearly stopped. I thought the slight haze had cut the light level enough to
prevent strong perling (should have thought differently!) I checked DIY Co2
bottles and one was dead and the other barely producing. Re-charged both.
Co2 going into Fluval 303 at a high rate after recharge. Last night tested;
ph 6.4 ( oops, guess I should have just recharged one bottle of yeast
instead of both) KH 6. Fe wasn't showing so I added PMDD (I've been having
to add about 15-20 ml every other day just to get it to show up on my Sera
Fe test kit in the .5ppm range. Is adding 15-20ml a lot for a medium to
heavy planted 29?) After having read info about low No3, and not registering
any on my test kit, I increased the % of KNO3 in my PMDD formula. So the
last two doses of PMDD have had the higher % of KNO3. I also changed 50% of
the water so that the plants could get as much light as possible. Well, they
started perling strong right off. I'll see how it goes in the next couple of
days, but I think I might actually know enough now to cause the haze to
retreat! I'll keep you all posted. If I am able to rid the haze/ bloom
without the UV sterilizer I will be psyched!

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