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spray bars - best way to aim them

My current setup involves utilizes a spray bar for the canister filter 
output.  I find that if I aim the spray bar straight or pointed upwards, 
I got a lot of surface agitation which will dump off a lot of my CO2 
which I inject.  But if I aim the spray downwards a bit, it causes a lot 
of chaos with the plants that are in it's path.

My question is how to properly aim this spray bar in a heavily planted 
tank.  Is all that agitation of the plants okay for them?  I know that 
water movement throughout a tank is good, of course, but this just seems 
like a bit much.  The plants in the path of the spray bar really get 
agitated quite a bit.  Is this something I just have to live with, or is 
there some secret to the placement of a spray bar?

Alternatively, would it be better for me to remove the spray bar and 
hook up a different type of output?  It seems that with the right type 
of output I could aim it a bit better so that it wouldn't agitate the 
plants so much.