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Re: co2 reactor via canister filter

It's perfect timing that this topic came up, as I recently have been 
wondering about it.  And just about every question I had about it has 
been asked.  Go go gadget APD!  :)

But, I do want to follow-up a bit.  I have a DIY co2 setup that 
generates about 1.5 bubbles per second, and I run the co2 output hose 
directly into the intake grating of my Eheim 2128.  It seems to work 
great, and I'm getting far more co2 dissolved into the water than with 
my previous attempt at a DIY in-tank reactor.  (Based on pH and KH 
measurements, and the fact that the plants are pearling like crazy and 
growing much more with the direct-intake method.)  The filter seems to 
have no problems at all handling it.  And best of all, it didn't cost me 
anything and was extremely easy to hook up.

I mentioned this to the guy at my LFS, and he gave me the bit about it 
possibly killing the bacteria in my biomedia.  But based on what's been 
mentioned in this thread recently, it seems that the amount of water 
flowing through the filter should more than make up for the small amount 
of co2 going in, thus the bacteria in the biomedia should have enough 
oxygen to be fine.  Additionally, since I have an Eheim 2128, which has 
a large amount of biomedia, it seems it would be difficult to kill off 
all the bacteria.

So my question is, does all this seem reasonable?  Does it seem that, 
with my current setup, I have anything to fear from injecting the co2 
straight into the filter intake?  So far all seems to be doing well.