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Re: Three lighting questions

Samual wrote:

I noticed Lights of America makes a 45 watt compact fluorescent bulb
that is
like 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. They put out 2700 lumens of light
(They compare it to a 200 watt incandescent). Now I assume they're high
the yellow/green spectrum but you could fit like 6-8 of these under a
single bulb 4' strip light hood and get 16000-21000 lumens. These would
great for me because I have limited space on top of my tank. Is anyone
something like this? They're a little pricing at 17 bucks each but their
footprint is so small it's crazy.


I would stay far away from these. 60 lumens per watt is actually quite
pathetic. The fixture efficiency is going to end up very low as well. If
you want something compact and bright then buy a power compact. I would
bet big money that a single 96 watt PC would be just as good or better
even though it is only about 8000 lumens. LOA are not known for high
quality stuff either. They are known for inexpensive stuff. Now that is
not necessarily bad but you are going to pay quite a bit for something
that is not so good.