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Re: Wet/Dry Filter

Dave sai, in part:
> If you think about it, you don't want to use a biowheel in a planted
> tank, as 
> the thing is a great biological filter and the bacteria would
> outcompete the 
> plants for all the beneficial ammonia. Great for fresh or salt fish
> only 
> tanks. I cannot speak for all planted tank keepers, but most use very
> little 
> biomedia in their tanks for the above reason. . . 
> The only reason I can see to buy one of these is if you think you may
> use the 
> wet dry with the biowheel in a fish only application in the future.

Heavy fish loads (including heavy feeding/rapid fish growing) might be
a reason for wanting what would otherwise be a surplus of denitriters
in a planted tank.  A planted tank can only do so much.

But a water wheel might throw off a lot of CO2 if it isn't in a (at
least somewhat) closed container, as can happen with any trickle type
of medium.

Scott H.

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