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Three lighting questions

Two questions:


I noticed Lights of America makes a 45 watt compact fluorescent bulb that is
like 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. They put out 2700 lumens of light
(They compare it to a 200 watt incandescent). Now I assume they're high in
the yellow/green spectrum but you could fit like 6-8 of these under a normal
single bulb 4' strip light hood and get 16000-21000 lumens. These would be
great for me because I have limited space on top of my tank. Is anyone doing
something like this? They're a little pricing at 17 bucks each but their
footprint is so small it's crazy. 

I have two standard 4' 40 watt strip lights purchased from the LFS. I want
to replace the ballast with a double bulb ballast and overdrive the single
bulb. When I went to look at ballasts at Home Depot they had amp ratings
printed on the ballast. Some were .50, some where .56, etc. I assume that
the more amps the more power to the bulb the brighter the light is?


At Home Depot they sell a "Grow and Show Bright Stick" which is a 36 watt
24" fluorescent bulb with two end caps and a power cord - with no ballast.
How is this possible?