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Re: Cat-related DIY CO2 disasters

I have also experienced problems related to inquisitive cats and DIY CO2 
setups.  One way to avert disaster is to fasten the plastic bottle to the 
wall so that it is tip-resistant. 

Because I rent (and therefore can't risk siphoning the tank onto the floor) 
I usually set CO2 bottles atop the tank.  With my last setup, I screwed one 
of those cup-holder hooks (about $2 for a package of 12 from the grocery 
store) into the wall, tied a bit of string around the CO2 bottle, then 
hooked the string over the cup-holder. 

YMMV, of course, but this proved to be a fairly robust setup, which was able 
to resist mild to moderate feline assault.  Just be sure that the string 
rides above the bottle's center of gravity - you may need to fasten it in 
place with a bit of scotch tape. 

 - Erika