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Re: Plant disease !?

Last week I came home from work one day to find that one of the 10-gallon 
tanks in our dining room was a little cloudy.  A closer look showed that one 
of the cats had tipped over the yeast CO2 bottle and the tank took some of 
the solution.  The fancy male guppies in the tank were all either dead or 

I am far from experienced in the aquarium scene, but I had a similar 
experience with a  little 7 gallon tank I had set up. As I am not 'up to 
speed' on chemical interactions, I can't say exactly what caused the greatest 
harm, and I can't offer any words of wisdom, I can only relate my experience. 
After trying in vain to save the tank for about 4-5 days, I gave up. Water 
changes would clear the tank for a short while, only to have the cloud come 
back again. I lost 4 out of  6 fish, and in the end, I lost all the plants- 
had to do a complete tear down and start over. Needless to say, kitty is 
enjoying her new home, and I am enjoying my cat-less new set up. 

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