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Re: Belly up

>>EHEIM canister filters never lock up under normal use, but they aren't
for direct CO2 injection.
Why not inject your CO2 directly into your tank, by-passing this problem ?<<

So I guess you mean a reactor? The reason people inject it into a cannister
filter is the same reason people use a reactor inside the aquarium...to mix
the gas with water and have this CO2 enriched water dispelled in the tank.
Simply allowing CO2 to bubble in your aquarium wastes much of the gas taking
longer for the the CO2 to saturate the water and reach the optimum level for
plants. The reason people choose a filter over a reactor I presume is either
to avoid the cost of buying a reactor, or to avoid having another device
inside the aquarium. Aqua Medic does make an external reactor for large
aquariums, Tom Barr made one himself but isn't selling it anymore, and I am
working on one. The other types of devices are diffusors or bells. Diffusors
are air stones, and bells hold the CO2 bubble until it dissolves...both of
which have been completly covered here in previous discussion.

Sorry you didn't like my "ad", it was simply an invitation to read the
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Robert Paul Hudson