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Re: Copper, Tubing

>>If at all possiblecan you use copper tubing, either compression or flared
set up a co2 injection  system? I know that copper will react with water,
can you use copper just far enough so that it will not contact water? I've
heard so much about losing co2 through the tubing that using copper with
compression or flared fitting would be better. Thank You---------Jack<<

I dont know about copper tubing...but I will let you in on a secret... there
is no such thing as CO2 grade tubing. Silicone tubing may lose some fraction
of CO2, but all tubing used for CO2 is simply polyetherine...if thats how
you spell it.... and is not solely for CO2, but is used for lots of gasses.
A couple of WEB sites out here have created this myth for marketing
purposes. Some are more rigid than others and have a snugger fit, but all
are rated for a PSI far higher than you will ever use, and none will leak
any CO2. You LFS may not carry it, but it aint that hard to find.

Robert Paul Hudson