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Re: How will co2 effect a canister filter?

Jrquicker at aol_com at Jrquicker at aol_com wrote:

> If you inject co2 into the intake line of a canister filter will it screw up
> the impeller or make a lot of noise with co2 comming across the impeller? Do
> you have to install a check valve  in line to make sure that the co2 goes
> into the filter not the other way? I'm thinking about using an Eheim pro 11,
> would this be a good idea? Thank You--------JACK

Some Eheim users claim their filters make noise when you inject CO2 into
them. The Magnum 350 i use makes some noise but usually near the end of the
day. My guess is that the noise results more from the pearling bubbles
getting sucked up than from the CO2 I inject.

I don't use a check valve, but you can use one if you want to prevent water
from backing up into the line when your CO2 tank runs out.

Dan Dixon