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Aaargh...white haze is returning!

After using a friends UV filter for three days, my tank water was crystal
clear. For a couple weeks now things have been growing great. Been using
PMDD, lots of perling, fish happy, kids happy, dad happy. But, the water is
starting to haze up again! I forgot what some of the thoughts were with
regards to this issue. Tom, did you think it was bacterial? What did you
think it was, Ed? I guess I could borrow the UV filter again. If the haze is
caused by freshwater plankton multiplying, can I not do a water change for a
week or two and let the population exhaust itself and die off? Last time I
had this, I tried doing a bunch of water changes, but it just kept growing
back. What to do, what to do? And to think I have to stare at this over the
long weekend.